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Charice: Home For Valentine's

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Charice: Home for Valentine's

There was a TV special on the 13th I really wanted to see. It's a Valentine TV Concert named, Charice: Home for Valentine's, which I most unfortunately wasn't able to watch. I had to turn to YouTube for it. I can't say just how much joy it brought watching the whole 11 cuts of the entire TV Special.

I have the utmost admiration for this very talented young artist who captures the heart of everyone on everywhere she lays foot on. That night, during the concert, Filipinos all over the world sat down, watched in amazing bewilderment to a talent that we Filipinos did not recognize until Oprah introduced her to the world.

Today, I'm going to dedicate one full blog post taking time out from work to do this for Charice. And I hope she gets to read this someday. This one's for you Charice, for the limitless inspiration you bring to me, and to many others who find themselves struggling in continuing to go after their dreams.

The TV Concert started by, the network welcoming her and introducing her as an international singing sensation (talk about an understatement of the year). And she starts off with Celine Dion's "The Power of Love." Followed by Beyonce's "Halo." And just when I stated to think it couldn't get any better, she sang Bruno Mars' "Grenade," which I thought was out of her music genre, but did a spectacular performance of it.

Part 1/11:

The second part, she got her first chance to speak to the audience. For her international fans, I'm going to try to translate what she said as accurately as I can. Here she sang her own songs "Pyramid" and "Reset."

Part 2/11:

"Who's in your heart? [LAUGHS] You know, I've been everywhere abroad but when I'm here and I see you guys, I think I'm more nervous. They say it's more difficult to entertain the Filipinos. And I think that must really be true because I've been an amateur for quite sometime here. And I did not expect I'd be discovered in YouTube. Some of those are foreigners, of course. So please join me and let's spice everything up! And as I give you two songs taken from my first international studio album with my own name, Charice, here with me, here with me, here with me is a new rap star that young ones admire today, Elmo Magalona. Give it up!"

The third part is where she thanked the TV station for the Special TV Concert they did for her.

Part 3/11:

After thanking the organizers, this was what she said,

"I like to experiment on different types of songs. Old or new, each song I can change and put different styles. So here's a song that was recorded by Alicia Keys called, "If I Ain't Got You." And here to help me do that for you, is one of my favorite singers in our country, miss Rachelle Ann Go."

I just have to say that I feel sorry for anybody who performs in stage with Charice. She definitely outshines and outperforms them without effort. That's how good she is on stage.

After their number, Charice speaks again.
"Happy Valentines. Thank you. I froze there. Super talented. Anyway, everyone is talking about Glee. Yes. That's actually one of the best things in my career at this moment. So, of course, it also gave me the chance to not only sing but also to act. And actually my role in Glee is just like my own life. Because before when I went to school, I also wore glasses. And I went to auditions. So I went through those stuff. So when I auditioned for Glee, I mentioned that, before when I auditioned for singing contests, they didn't know where to place me whether in the adult division or in the small division, because when I tried the adult division, they said I was too small, when I tried the children's division, they said my voice was too big. So I asked, "Where do I place myself?" But I said, "I've been there before." So that's OK with me."

After that performance, she got her first standing ovation of the night. And I'd have to add that that rarely happens in the Philippines. So you'd understand why she basked in that moment for a short while longer.

Part 4/11:

Lady: Hi Charice! You're really, really so amazing. That song was awesome. I'm sure everyone in the audience was just so delighted. And you make each one of us very, very proud.

Charice: Thank you. Thank you.

Lady: So I have a question for you, Charice. Everybody knows how long you struggled to achieve your international status. So you are self made, you really worked hard. Could you tell us more about it?

Charice: I really, really worked hard. But of course, my mom has always been there with me through all the hard-work. My sibling has also been there. We were really needy before. I had to join contests not just in Laguna, I reached Batangas, I've gone through almost all the fiestas, we went to all those. I was very determined to win because otherwise, we wouldn't have fare to go back home. I experienced losing so we had to sleep over a stranger's house. It was a good thing that the following morning there was another singing contest. I won. So we were able to go home.

Lady: Wow.

Charice: Everybody knows that I did not win in big amateur contests here in the Philippines. But most fortunately, I earned some fans that time who really posted my performances in YouTube which South Korean show Star King saw. That's why they invited me.

I look so different now. Those promoters there who uploaded my videos in YouTube, please raise your hands. Don't be shy. There, those promoters who posted my videos, they are still with me until now. So thank you so much. Happy valentines to you. And I love you all.

Part 5/11:

Miss Oprah Winfrey's advice, she said, I was wearing a sparkling Converse, she said, "Nice shoes, Charice," Oh, I'll make that bolder, "Nice shoes, Charice. But always remember this, keep your feet on the ground, even if you're wearing nice shoes." So I'm really remembering that. And of course my mom, she always reminds me not to forget what I went through. Specially that time when we didn't have anything, when we experienced sleeping on the floor and borrowed bed from the neighbors. What, "Ahh?" But of course that time, I felt like my dreams would never come true.

"All By Myself" got her another standing ovation.

Part 6/11:

"One of my greatest regrets in my life is that I haven't been able to perform with one of my idols, the king of pop, Michael Jackson. But tonight, I am given a chance to perform with one of my favorites whose name is also Michael! This one is for all of you."

This part, I really want to say in behalf of Michael V.'s defense, he is not a singer. He's a local TV comedian. I thought it's not fair to judge him as a singer here as what I've read in some of the negative comments about this particular performance. This performance aimed to give fun and humor to the TV Concert while of course still showcasing Charice's versatility as an artist.

Part 7/11:

After thanking some important people in the audience this was what she said:

"I've gone through many concerts, tours, and even being a part of David Foster and friends, and performed together on stage with singing sensations like miss Celine Dion, Andrea Bocelli, and many others. But you know, this is the most requested number wherever I go, from Whitney Houston. I hope to be able to perform with her someday.

Part 8/11:

She introduced the country's Ultimate OPM Singer-Songwriter.

Charice: Ladies and gentlemen, please help me welcome, Ogie Alcasid. Louder. Complete with standing ovation.

Ogie: Good evening guys. You are amazing. Let's give her applause. You are amazing. How do you do those? Where is your voice coming from?

Charice: Hold on, I envy you kuya Ogie because you found your one true love, congratulations!

Ogie: Thank you. But I thought I'm in a Charice concert. Why does it seem like I'm in Alvin and the Chipmunks?

Charice: You're not mistaken. This is me, Charice. I only do that when I rehearse.

Ogie: Amazing what this girl can do. Sing, dance and that.

Charice: Thank you.

Ogie: What can you not do?

Charice: I don't know.

Ogie: Amazing Mahal.

Charice: Sorry, sorry.

Ogie: So good. All I can do is --

Charice: Hold on, I have a question. Why aren't you with ate Reg? Are you guys quarrelling?

Ogie: We didn't. She has a taping with Dingdong.

Charice: Something new to watch.

Ogie: Yes, something new to watch.

Charice: OK. Something new to look forward to.

Ogie: Can you sing in that voice? Can you try?

Charice: Yes, I can.

Ogie: You're such a winner, Charice!

Charice: Chechebureche. (gibberish)

Ogie: One of a kind, this kid.

Charice: Because I wanted to be a comedian like Mr. Michael, you guys are my favorite since I was little, until now.

Ogie: Until now. You want to join Bubble Gang? (local comedy TV show)

Charice: Until now that's my favorite.

Ogie: OK. Until now?

Part 9/11:

Pinky: Hi, Charice. How are you? I'm Pinky. Aside from your idols in singing, who else inspires you? And to whom do you really owe your success?

Charice: I have many inspirations like miss Ellen Degeneres because she's the first one who invited me in the States. Of course there's miss Oprah, sir David, of course the person who uploaded my video in YouTube, kuya Dave, FalseVoice, the show in Korea, Star King. But of course on top of it all, it's my mom who really inspires me. She inspires me a lot. That's why before I achieved all these achievements -- I remember the story when I first appeared for miss Oprah. We were on our way back to the Philippines, we were in the airplane from Chicago, there were two police who entered the airplane. They called, "Charice Pempengco?"

Mom asked, "Did you damage Oprah's doll?" I said, "No. Maybe because you took all the shampoo at the hotel." That time I didn't know you could get the shampoo. So then they brought us to the Harpo Studios. We were in the conference room and Oprah entered. She sat in front and said, "Tell me your story. I want to help you."

So that day, she called sir David Foster. And she granted everything in my dream journal because I love to draw. She granted everything in it. In my drawing were me and Celine Dion, me and Andrea Bocelli, me and Mariah, me and Michael Buble, Josh Groban. She granted all of that. So she's really like my fairy godmother. So I'm never going to be here if not for her. But of course, I really go after my mom. She's the one who taught me how to sing. So I want to thank you. Thank you mommy for all the love. I know your love life. But of course you're still my valentine.

Part 10/11:

"God has been so good to me. If it's really for you, He'll give it to you. You know that besides from being in the sequel, Alvin and the Chipmunks the movie, I was also with David Foster and friends. And this is the first ever international recording that Sir David Foster did for me with composer Diane Warren.

After "Note to God,"

Girl: Hi Charice.

Charice: Hi.

Girl: You have achieved so much in the past few years. What's next for Charice? Any new projects?

Charice: Right now, I'm not going to be able to answer until I have the go signal from my managers in the States. But I have a new song. Actually I have recorded a number of new songs. But of course we're looking for second single that can rival international songs like you know, songs of Rihanna, Katie Perry. So we're really busy with that. And I don't know where the Lord will take me. Everything He gave, in His own time. So that's also my advice to those who dream like me. It will come if you work hard and you are determined. Trust in God. When I started singing, I said, "Mommy, it's so hard to reach for my dreams." She said, "It'll come. Just don't lose hope."

This is the part where I just lost it. Like a roller coaster ride, she made me laugh, dance, sing, and here, teary-eyed.

You can see it in her. She's holding off tears right from the beginning of the song. It's so hard to attempt interpreting the lyrics in English specially that it's this song that made our idol and her mom cry. But I'm going to try as accurately as I can.

Maghintay Ka Lamang
(Just Wait)

Kung hindi ngayon and panahon na para sa iyo
(If now is not the time for you)
wag maiinip dahil ganyan ang buhay sa mundo
(don't be impatient because that's how life is in this world)
wag mawawalan ng pag-asa darating din ang ligaya
(don't lose hope, happiness will come)
ang isipin moy may bukas pa na mayroong saya
(think of tomorrow having joy)

Kabiguay hindi hadlang upang tumakas ka
(Failure isn't hurdle for you to escape)
wag kang iiwas pag nabibigo
(don't avoid when you fail)
dapat nga lumaban ka
(you should fight)

Ang kailangan moy tibay ng loob kung mayroong pagsubok man
(What you need is courage when there are trials)
ang liwanag ay di magtatagal at muling mamamasdan
(the light won't go out for long and will be seen again)
ikot ng mundo ay hindi laging pighati't kasawian
(the way the world spins isn't always in grief and failure)
ang pangarap mo ay makakamtan
(your dreams are reachable)
basta't mag hintay ka lamang
(just wait)

Kung hindi ngayon and panahon na para sa iyo
(If now is not the time for you)
wag maiinip dahil ganyan ang buhay sa mundo
(don't be impatient because that's how life is in this world)
wag mawawalan ng pag-asa darating din ang ligaya
(don't lose hope, happiness will come)
ang isipin moy may bukas pa na mayroong saya
(think of tomorrow having joy)

Kabiguay hindi hadlang upang tumakas ka
(Failure isn't hurdle for you to escape)
wag kang iiwas pag nabibigo
(don't avoid when you fail)
dapat nga lumaban ka
(you should fight)

Ang kailangan moy tibay ng loob kung mayroong pagsubok man
(What you need is courage when there are trials)
ang liwanag ay di magtatagal at muling mamamasdan
(the light won't go out for long and will be seen again)
ikot ng mundo ay hindi laging pighati't kasawian
(the way the world spins isn't always in grief and failure)
ang pangarap mo ay makakamtan
(your dreams are reachable)
basta't mag hintay ka lamang
(just wait)

It must have been so hard holding back all those tears. And she almost wasn't able to finish the marvelous song. But not only did she finish it, she finished it brilliantly with all raw emotions kept inside with poise and pride. This part I think was really her winning moment. How fitting that song was for her. Everything came up to this. Victory made flesh. And did I mention she did all those live?

Part 11/11:

I'd like to thank GMA Network for this wonderful Valentine presentation they did for Charice. They made her shine all throughout from beginning to end. And I think it's a perfect Valentine gift for all Filipinos everywhere. All video footages here are courtesy of GMA 7. Thank you. I'd also like to acknowledge tmgtwlitepci who uploaded these videos in YouTube. May they forever serve their purpose to inspire everyone all over the world.

Post Valentine Videoke

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

OK, so I'm guilty. I go to videoke bars too! Well, sometimes. This is one of those things I have in my "Life Checklist." There's 50 of them. So now, singing in public is done and checked. But I have to apologize about the poor audio quality. I hope to be able to sing this song again with a better audio quality next time. Ahem..

Google Ads!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

So after over a year of Google Ads applications, they finally approved it! A lot of you guys out there might wonder how it had been difficult for me to secure the Google Ad approval. Well, my blog includes videos and pictures and Google Ads have really strict compliance guidelines I over looked.

But I'm happy now that I'm finally able to run ads exclusively under Google Ads. I'm excited about that. Will be blogging more soon!

Take care.

Faith at its Finest

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Well, the first time I saw this video was years ago. I watched it again sometime this week and still couldn't quite understand the emotion it stirred in me. And then I realized it's how much faith there was in this short film that really strikes the heart.

you - world - unreachable - doubt - faith - success - happiness

I posted this on my Facebook because I think it's a timeless classic. Let's not forget, it is just a commercial, but it does happen in real life. And I seriously hope they make a full length film out of this.

Now I'd like to share this to everyone whose faith in themselves are faltering. There is success out there for you, if only you work hard and continue to work harder, and look past the struggles, there will be smiles.

Best wishes.