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The Hillsong Inspiration

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Darlene Zschech - http://www.darlenezschech.com/ | Amalgamations of Peter Paul

The Hillsong Church in Sydney, Australia, is a congregation of 17,000 plus members. After two decades, Hillsong branched into the gospel music industry. Soon followed music pastor Reuben Morgan's solo debut, World Through Your Eyes, released in November of 2004, and a slew of other releases, including Unified Praise, Jesus Is My Superhero, and Christmas, featuring Hillsong starlet Darlene Zschech as well as Brooke Fraser.

The worship team at Hillsong Church is led by Darlene Zschech, writer of "Shout To The Lord." Darlene works with a dedicated group of singers and musicians who week in and week out give their time and energy to lead their church into an atmosphere of worship. It is this dedication that is reflected on the albums.

The songs, "Through It All" which Darlene sang, and another one entitled, "Still" are my two 'Epiphanies' because the story about how I came to know Hillsong through these two songs is one of faith that I truly hold dearly in the heart.

In the place where I used to rent internet service to communicate with my sister, where they always played loud and wild music, one day played a song that struck a chord. The melody stuck in my head and I found myself humming to it until I got home.

The next opportunity I got to go online I tried Googling words I could remember in the lyrics. A Google result directed me to a YouTube video.

Unperturbed, despite a noisy internet cafe, I held the headset closely to my ears and basked in the words of worship. And as tears flowed, a deep sense of safety and security seemed to hover and descend on me like an overwhelmingly comforting embrace that lifted sadness and worries away. It didn't matter if I was in tears in a public cafe. Nothing mattered because I am carried in 'everlasting arms'.

It's been many years since I've gotten to know Hillsong, but I wish I had known them sooner. And until now, these songs "Through It All" and "Still" are the two songs I go to for comfort during troubled times. Today, is no different.

I am writing this blog with the hope that one day, Darlene Zschech can read my message to her. Thank you, Ms. Darlene Zschech for the tremendous light of inspiration and comfort you have showed me, as I'm sure many others.

My troubled times are nothing to the sacrifice made out of faithfulness He did for all of us. And your songs brightly reflect that truth. Thank you for the gift of songs you are sharing to the world through the wonderful gift that the Lord has so graciously given you and your team.

May you reach the farthest corners of earth to spread the word of God's everlasting arms and mend broken faith and shattered hopes. May God bless you always.

Love and prayers,

Happy First Anniversary eConfluence!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

eConfluence | Amalgamations of Peter Paul

Lechon | Amalgamations of Peter Paul

We celebrated a great milestone in eConfluence's history on the 1st of April. Our first year anniversary beach party was not short of fun specially because important friends were there to share the moment with us.

The beach was very welcoming and it was a great summer Sunday to celebrate.

Yasay Beach Resort | Amalgamations of Peter Paul

Yasay Beach Resort | Amalgamations of Peter Paul

I had a speech prepared but the next hut was too noisy having the videoke machine at full blast that I had to shorten my prepared speech. But this was the full one I had wanted to share.

Speech | Amalgamations of Peter Paul

I am very happy for this opportunity to be with all of you today to celebrate eConfluence's first year anniversary.

Thank you for coming and sharing this celebration with us.

eConfluence started its unofficial operations on January of 2011. And as you saw in the video, our offices were places that had a table and power outlet; coffeeshops, hotels, restos, it didn't matter where it was because the business is first and foremost hardwork, and passion-driven. A system was slowly built from the ground up with only two people, the manager, and the human resource officer.

And I, along with a very few number of home-based transcriptionists worked tirelessly with them. We were later on joined by our Senior Editor.

Looking back now, it is easy to see that these same people are the ones who are still with us today. These are the people who have always been very patient and maintained a positive attitude through thick and thin and through ups and downs.

On April 14th of 2011, together with the launching of the website, we decided to officially mark that eConfluence's date of birth. And that's what we're here celebrating today.

My job as the IT Specialist is constantly compromised because of the fact that we're always short-handed, yet, I've never been happier to lose sleep or break limbs for the well-being of the company because I can see we are getting somewhere greater than what everyone might have expected.

Though it is note-worthy to say that while some still doubt our capacity to run a successful business, I am certain that this only pushes us to do better and achieve even more, always keeping the passion, drive and motivation close in our minds and hearts to not only give the best of what we can give, but to do it consistently, one day at a time and keeping in mind that we should never work as individuals, and rather work, always as a team.

Today, i am proud to say that through tough economic times, we have proven that sheer number of employees isn't always the only way to make money, but finding and keeping the right people with the right attitude for and in the company might just be as valuable or even more valuable.

As we mark our first year anniversary milestone today, I would like to personally thank each and everyone of you who in one way or another have given encouragement and support to keep our heads up despite through some tumultuous times we've gone through and to keep the company running as robust as we can.

To our workforce, always keep up the good job; and to everyone, this celebration today is for all of you. And I hope you all enjoy and have a good time with us. Thank you once again and have a great afternoon.


The celebration ended with a wild videoke session and deflated party balloons.

"Balloon" | Amalgamations of Peter Paul

Happy first anniversary eConfluence!