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The Hilt

Friday, May 18, 2012

"Friend" | Amalgamations of Peter Paul

There comes a time in life when you will run out of options, but one will always remain open no matter what; burn the bridge, and leave everything behind as the only way to keep trekking forward.

Goodbyes are just too hard to manage, like it rips your heart apart and you're paralyzed beyond explanation.

If you are reading this, you know who you are, this is the end of the road of this twisted relationship, but you will remain a perfect memory in my world. And in my mind, there is nothing more precious than what we shared.

Thank you for the temporary strength you gave me, it's enough for me to carry on.

Take care,

"You Were There"

Time passes, the world changes
But I'm still the same ole' kid
And your jokes still bring me laughter
As if you still were here
And it hurts
When I smile
'Cause my heart still remembers
When you were around

'Cause you were there
When no one was
Just when I thought nobody cared
You showed me love
'Cause you were my friend
You always told me
And I am still here
Because you were there

So precious, small treasures
A time when truth was innocent
True friendship, was all we were after
A place where kids could still be kids
And it hurts
But I'm glad
'Cause at least I was blessed
To have you as my friend


You're my best friend
There are no accidents
God has a plan for everyone
And he brought you in my life
To show me what a good friendship was



Saturday, May 12, 2012

"Guardian" | Amalgamations of Peter Paul

I've been putting off blogging for quite sometime now. With all the chaos that's been going on, I can't hold anything in my head for more than 2 seconds.

There are times when I just want to go and run away somewhere far where nobody knows me.

But there's no escaping heartache. I am human too, and no matter how many things I do to occupy my mind, this feeling of loneliness is always going to haunt me no matter where I go, no matter how I try to pretend I'm okay.

Appa has been an angel. I've said it several times, he's the only stable relationship I ever had, and he's the one keeping me sane these days.

Yesterday, I spent the whole day with only this on my playlist.

Thank you, Alanis.

And thank you, God.

In times I feel most vulnerable, you always send something to remind me You're there and that I'm not alone. But this solitary world becomes just too unbearable sometimes that even crying becomes a blissful solitude.

Is this all the journey I have in life? I know everybody's telling me to trust You every time doubt creeps in, but I feel like my time is running out, and I can't seem to hold on to that happiness. Surely, there's something greater for me, isn't there? Please show me, before I lose all the good I have left in me.