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Happy Birthday To Me!

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

If you can count the candles, that's not how old I am (LOL)

I'd forget my birthday if that was possible. I have a good life, but I am always thankful to God about that every single day so that's not just a birthday thing for me. Have you ever wondered about what is it really about birthdays that people get excited about?

Is the excitement coming from expecting some big, happy surprise to happen? I guess to some truth it gives stress and anxiety on the celebrant to be expecting something and when something falls short of what was expected happens, reasons to be sad start surfacing. I mean hey, I was also a kid once, so yeah, I know how disappointing that can be. But I grew up, the years passed, and through all the things I've been through, I found my birthdays to be easier to handle when nobody knew or remembered -- with the exception of family members of course.

There's always only Michael, my bestfriend who never seem to forget. And I'm already happy when he'd text 12 o'clock midnight to greet me, "Happy Birthday!"

But again today, reasons to be sad surfaced, just all sorts of things that gives me stress and anxiety. But these are things that happen not just today, on my birthday, but daily on regular basis. I guess unexpected events are bound to happen anytime (just your luck if it falls on your birthday!) but it's ultimately the celebrant who decides to choose how his or her birthday is going to be, happy or sad.

So I want to choose to be happy today no matter what. Mama and I have plans in the morning but it's starting to rain so I'm pushing that worried thought aside. I can celebrate my birthday wherever with mama and we can talk endlessly with not much sense and be laughing all day and be happy about it.

I choose to be happy today no matter what! So happy birthday to me! =)

Source Code

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Ever had that moment when your friends are talking about a great movie just shown that you have completely no idea about? Makes me feel like living in a different world every time! This one went out in theaters in April. How could I have missed this? Jake Gyllenhaal stars a Sci-Fi thriller named, Source Code; rated 91% movie review by rottentomatoes.com. This is rather an excellent mark coming from rottentomatoes.com

From rottentomatoes.com:
When decorated soldier Captain Colter Stevens (Jake Gyllenhaal) wakes up in the body of an unknown man, he discovers he's part of a mission to find the bomber of a Chicago commuter train. In an assignment unlike any he's ever known, he learns he's part of a government experiment called the Source Code, a program that enables him to cross over into another man's identity in the last 8 minutes of his life. With a second, much larger target threatening to kill millions in downtown Chicago, Colter re-lives the incident over and over again, gathering clues each time, until he can solve the mystery of who is behind the bombs and prevent the next attack. -- (C) Summit

I'm a big Sci-Fi fan. I'm getting a DVD for this one!

Walang Iba - Ezra Band


Ilang beses ng nag-away
Hanggang sa magkasakitan
Na 'di alam ang pinagmulan

Pati maliliit na bagay
Na napag-uusapan
Bigla na lang pinag-aawayan

Ngunit kahit na ganito
Madalas na 'di tayo magkasundo
Ikaw lang ang gusto kong makapiling
Sa buong buhay ko

Kahit na binabato mo ako ng kung anu-ano
Ikaw pa rin ang gusto ko
Kahit na sinasampal mo ako't
Sinisipa't nasusugatan mo
Ikaw pa rin
Walang iba
Ang gusto kong makasama
Walang iba
Walang iba

Nagsimula sa mga asaran
Hanggang sa magkainitan
Isang eksenang bangayan na naman
Ba't ba kase pinagpipilitan
Ang hindi maintindihan
Di naman kinakailangan

Ngunit kahit na ganito
Madalas na di tayo magkasundo
Ikaw lang ang gusto kong makapiling
Sa buong buhay ko

Kahit na binabato mo ako ng kung anu-ano
Ikaw pa rin ang gusto ko
Kahit na sinasampal mo ako't
Sinisipa't nasusugatan mo
Ikaw pa rin
Walang iba
Ang gusto kong makasama
Walang iba

Kahit na binabato mo ako ng kung anu-ano
Ikaw pa rin ang gusto ko
Kahit na sinasampal mo ako't
Sinisipa't nasusugatan mo
Ikaw pa rin
Walang iba
Ang gusto kong makasama
Walang iba

Wag ka ng mawawala
Hmm, walang iba

Pilipinas Got Talent Season 2 Champion: Marcelito Pomoy

This is late, but I'll take the time out to blog about Pilipinas Got Talent Season 2 champion, Marcelito Pomoy.

From his humble beginnings, Marcelito Pomoy instantly caught the attention of judges Kris Aquino, Ai-Ai De Las Alas, and Freddie Garcia with his ability to sing both male and female voices. Marcelito sang, "The Prayer" as his final performance on the stage of the Araneta Coliseum for the Pilipinas Got Talent Season 2 finale. Such performance earned him a standing ovation. Marcelito cried tears of joy hearing his name hailed as the grand champion. He thanked all the viewers who believed in his talent and voted for him. Making his triumph memorable was the presence of his father who was mostly absent during his growing years. Now, all that Marcelito could ask for is to finally have a complete family.

Marcelito garnered 19.56% of the votes winning him P2 Million. Second Place went to Happy Feet garnering 18.32% of the total text votes, and third Place went to Freestylers, with 9.46% of the total text votes.

Pilipinas Got Talent Season 3 audition starts immediately on July 9th, 2011.

Congratulations, Marcelito! You make the Philippines proud!

Capitulation of My Nation

Friday, June 24, 2011

It is my character to defend the helpless. But when it involves my nation, where do I begin?

We are a poor nation swarmed with corrupt and apathetic officials since the earlier days. And I often ask, "Who's fault is that?"

We change our president every six years, yet that has not uplifted lives of the majority of the Filipinos as a whole. Families are torn apart with parents having to work abroad for their children to survive.

What we have today, is most certainly not the change I'd like to see happen to my country. I'd like to see happy families going out and having picnics on parks on weekends, children healthy and well-educated, their mothers and fathers with them, loving them and caring for them.

I personally think we are not looking close enough for the solution. We can elect presidents, kick them out of office, place another unworthy one in position and as centuries have proven, it will only do so much as having a puppet show for entertainment.

It is important to understand that the key out of this wretched poverty is inside each and every single Filipino in this country. We should not expect that the change we want will come from somebody else. We have to make that happen for ourselves, for our families.

If only everything was that easy. The change needs to come from each one of us, but frustrations and indolence had gripped our nation for many years, our leaders need to have the backbone to change that and mold how we Filipinos think, specially the poor, and teach us the importance of perseverance and hardwork, love of God, love of country and love of family.

As sad as it is, this video proves what Filipinos cannot do if left alone by themselves to think. This is not to say that Filipinos are stupid, but we need a leader who can guide us to our way back, to make us realize we can still stand on our two feet, and make us see the things we can do if we think clearly with both our eyes wide open.

Until that leader grows a backbone, we who are left alone should not keep our eyes shut, our ears covered and our mouths muffled. Perhaps there's no one born to lead this country. Perhaps we have to mold and make the leader we need. The challenge is in each one of us to accept.

Thank You, God

Monday, June 20, 2011

It gets tiresome sometimes, but I appreciate all the things you do for me and give to me. I feel unworthy saying I love you, but I do. That's why I'm always grateful for things you give me, great or small. People tell me You will never give me more than I can handle. So next year, do you think you can trust me just a little less? Thank you.