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Calderon Dolphins Killing Festival in Denmark

Saturday, November 28, 2009


I thought of Denmark as a lovely country with wonderful people. But this is just completely disappointing, to say the least.

As unbelievable as it is, even today this custom continues, in Dantesque, in the Faroe Islands, Denmark. A country supposedly civilized and seemingly first class. No one does anything to prevent this savagery and cruelty committed against the Calderons, intelligent dolphins that are placid. They approach humans out of friendliness.

First time I saw this I thought it was oil leakage.

Then I looked closer. Hundreds of the famous and intelligent Calderon dolphins lay savagely slaughtered, soaked in their own pool of blood.

This happens every year in Faroe Islands in Denmark . This killings' main participants are young men. It's a tradition, a right of passage for young men entering adulthood.

In this big "celebration" no one is missing the fun. Everyone is participating, killing, or watching the savagery.

The Calderon dolphins, like all other species of dolphins are near extinction. They get near man, to play and interact in a way of pure friendship.

Here, man cut them out with thick hocks. The dolphins produce a grim sound, resembling a cry of a new born child.

He slaughters the calderon with no compassion.

Hundreds are piled, dead.

One final blow to the head.

My heart goes out to these poor, innocent dolphins.

This is a cultural tradition. And while I am not in the position to influence what they should, or should not do, these dolphins are on the brink of extinction. That is a fact that needs to be emphasized. And I think dolphin slaughter transcends cultural issues. It is plain savagery and cruelty most unlike cultural diets and customs such as what we do with cattles or poultries which are not endangered species, neither are they slaughtered for fun or rites of passage.

I fear that we will see many marine species on the extinct list, including these Calderon dolphins if this kind of tradition continues.

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