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Lilo and Stitch

Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Lilo and Stitch

I've come into terms that I'd get myself a pet. A puppy was what I really had in mind but guinea pigs have been a strong consideration because they are low maintenance and don't tend to be noisy.

So the other day, while in the mall, as usual I walked and stopped by the local pet store to play with the cute puppies for sale. When I moved by the area where they sell hamsters and rats, I was happy to see they also had guinea pigs this time. I rarely see them sell guinea pigs so I was excited.

I was smitten by their charm and playful disposition that I decided to adopt a pair immediately.

I had intentionally wanted to purchase a male and a female. But after close inspection when I got home, I was surprised to know both of them are females. "That's fine," I thought because I didn't want them getting plenty in a small room.

The black and white one is named, Lilo. She is the dominant female. The white brown and black is Stitch, she's the shy and silent one. The small wheel at the far end corner of the cage is their favorite place to sleep. And Lilo pushes Stitch away everytime she goes near, except when Lilo is distracted like for example here, during her eating time (which is all the time!)

They both love to eat carrots and some cabbages. Stitch doesn't like the pellets. Only Lilo eat those. But Lilo doesn't like to eat rice grains. Only Stitch eat those. Sometimes, I give them veggies, like in this photo tonight, I gave them carrots, cabbages and string beans.

I had positioned their cage on top of my table where I also have my laptop so I can watch over them when I'm on the computer working.

Shy Stitch, doesn't like the camera.

They are really adorable pets. When I hold them and pet them, gently touching the side of their bellies, they make a low and faint sound which I think means they like it, and they're happy. I leave them at home the entire day and when I come home, open the door and they hear me coming in, they make a louder squeeking sound like they are happy that I'm back home.

Lilo, eating like always.

Do you have a pet that makes you smile too?

4 comment/s:

Anonymous said...

weee... nice kaayo sila lantawon stitch, super ka cute... hehhehe....

Peter Paul said...

uu.. cute kaayo.. =) si Lilo busawan.. haha..

Dhon said...


Anonymous said...

DOng, cute kaayo imong pets. Ate

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