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Oh, well..

Saturday, April 10, 2010


I feel guilty not being able to write anything for weeks now.

You'd think the craziness at work would mellow down eventually. But it only got worse. Although I am happy to see the company we started out now growing steadily. But it takes a lot out from everybody. We barely have time for anything else other than work.

Good thing now I can steal some time out to open my blogger and actually write somethings down in here after weeks of husling and bustling.

It's been a frustrating month.

It started when mama left again for the U.S. I'm left alone to take care of everything at home. And as if that wasn't enough, I decided to adopt guinea pigs. 3 of them! Just before she left. Poor little darlings didn't survive a month in my care.

It turned out, they need sensitive health care. It was tough losing the 2 boys. But even tougher losing my little sweet Lilo. She was pregrant. She really tried to survive. But after Johnny Bravo died, she started missing her meals. And I got sick with a terrible flu and I guess she got that.

She got sick for a couple of days and just as I was getting well, she got worse. She wouldn't eat anything and sneezed a lot.

I mouth-fed her like how articles in the internet showed. I gave her oral fluids too and it all didn't work. So again, I was just looking at her dying, just like how it was with Stitch and Johnny Bravo when they died.

And then prior that I found out some frustrating stuff at work that completely bothers me until now.

So! That's how my past few weeks had been. How had yours been? Hopefully not as hectic and frustrating?

3 comment/s:

victor said...

Hmm. I never knew guinea pigs needed a lot of attention. It's quite interesting how our pets mirror our moods, in an almost laughably accurate way.

Anonymous said...

sometimes, frustrations really come on our way, i just hope these frustrations will not pull you down to end fighting for life. Just always remember i am always there for you. Just call me and right away i will be there. I love you.

Sendo said...

my late condolence...must have been great tending those guinea pigs..and praying for the betterment of whatever you're going through now ..

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