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Happy Birthday To Me!

Wednesday, June 29, 2011


If you can count the candles, that's not how old I am (LOL)

I'd forget my birthday if that was possible. I have a good life, but I am always thankful to God about that every single day so that's not just a birthday thing for me. Have you ever wondered about what is it really about birthdays that people get excited about?

Is the excitement coming from expecting some big, happy surprise to happen? I guess to some truth it gives stress and anxiety on the celebrant to be expecting something and when something falls short of what was expected happens, reasons to be sad start surfacing. I mean hey, I was also a kid once, so yeah, I know how disappointing that can be. But I grew up, the years passed, and through all the things I've been through, I found my birthdays to be easier to handle when nobody knew or remembered -- with the exception of family members of course.

There's always only Michael, my bestfriend who never seem to forget. And I'm already happy when he'd text 12 o'clock midnight to greet me, "Happy Birthday!"

But again today, reasons to be sad surfaced, just all sorts of things that gives me stress and anxiety. But these are things that happen not just today, on my birthday, but daily on regular basis. I guess unexpected events are bound to happen anytime (just your luck if it falls on your birthday!) but it's ultimately the celebrant who decides to choose how his or her birthday is going to be, happy or sad.

So I want to choose to be happy today no matter what. Mama and I have plans in the morning but it's starting to rain so I'm pushing that worried thought aside. I can celebrate my birthday wherever with mama and we can talk endlessly with not much sense and be laughing all day and be happy about it.

I choose to be happy today no matter what! So happy birthday to me! =)

4 comment/s:

nOx said...

maligayang bati!

Peter Paul said...

ei.. tnx nOx! =)

kenchu said...

Happy Birthday hotstuff! God bless you more. :-)

Peter Paul said...

tnx kenchu! don't forget me when you get that P2 million.. =)

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