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Wednesday, August 3, 2011


Emancipated: Blue Butterfly

Appa hesitatingly had another bath today. At his 12th month, I'm estimating his weight to be around 7 to 8 pounds now. I'll still need to weigh him in next week. I cleaned a scab developing in his right elbow with just alcohol because I didn't know what to apply on it. It's going to heal, I just need to keep it clean until it does. His crate smells like heaven and he's sleeping like a log right now in it. So what does my puppy have to do with a post entitled, "Emancipated"?

A lot actually.

I've never been the type of person to stay in a place that created problems for me. I'm a civilized person, but I don't have to like you if I thought you are not a good person. Life is easier and happier that way for me. And through unfaltering persistence, perseverance and hardwork, I've come to love the comfortable life I have where I have what I need and I can get what I want. I'm loving my lucky life. It's too short to waste it thinking about problems.

Appa has taught me there's so much more important things to be thinking about than fickle things, responsibilities to take, jobs to do, tasks to accomplish. I guess in a surreal way, he helped put things in perspective for me. Where do I put the problems? Nowhere. I turn my back altogether from it, always look forward at the brighter side of things, and do what must be done.

Today I learned how everything we need has already been given to us, the hands to mold, the feet to move, the heart to care and the mind to think. All the problems come when these four are misused. But once all four are used properly, there's no time for problems. There's not even enough time in the day to be happy. There's just pure emancipation.

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