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The Jonah Mowry Inspiration

Monday, December 5, 2011


Jonah Mowry | www.amalgamationspp.com

This is Jonah Mowry. You'd want to know his story.

I was deeply moved by his video. At 14 years old, he showed bravery in sharing his story to the world, recounting how difficult bullying was for him and revealing his struggles with it. I was watching his eyes all throughout the video and saw pain and loneliness.

I did not have to see exactly how he was bullied, what I saw was far worse. I saw how broken he was. No one ever deserves to be treated like that. It's sad. The fact that he couldn't use his voice, and had to come up with flashcards, could the message be any clearer?

I did a little research and was relieved to find out the amount of support Jonah has been getting is overwhelming.

It's a great message of hope for the down-trodden. I can only imagine someone who's going through the same thing he did, taking comfort in the fact that they're not alone. Oppression doesn't have to be an option. One can put his/her voice out there. There's no reason to be alone if only one reaches out, just like Jonah did. Suicide is not the answer.

Jonah is doing very well and is happy.

He's also getting some counseling.

Share Jonah's video with your friends and spread the inspiration.

Life gets better for everyone. You just have to stick to it, and believe.

3 comment/s:

Sendo said...

kinilabutan ako ng sama ng loob at panlulumo watching the vid... but it's good to know he's doing well now ^^ this is really a moving video..parang gusto ko lang i-eradicate lahat ng bullies sa mundo hehe

Sendo said...

merry christmas bro

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