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Friday, January 29, 2010


There is hope!

I felt a mixture of emotions when I read this article in Yahoo! News earlier today. A Haitian girl was rescued on Wednesday after 15 days of being buried under the rubbles from the devastating quake that struck Haiti on the 12th of this month.

She was very weak and severely dehydrated when rescuers found her. They had to tranquilize her to keep her calm and stabilized. She was very thin and had arterial tension.

She spoke with great difficulty but managed to say she was happy being rescued. And that she was worried about her friends.

Click here for full article in Yahoo! News:
"Hopes of finding more survivors are now fading by the day, especially as Haiti has been rattled by dozens of aftershocks following the initial quake.
Experts say each powerful new tremor diminishes remaining hopes for people buried in rubble, who risk being crushed by masonry dislodged by the new tremors.
Cases of trapped survivors holding out for a week after an earthquake are considered extraordinary, while surviving beyond 10 days is extremely rare.

But the rescue teams are not giving up."
We have to keep believing. There's hope.

4 comment/s:

Dhon said...

i Believe in Hope! :)

Peter Paul said...

ah.. ayaw mo ng marlboro? jowk.. hihihi..

MartinTC said...

Sabi nga ang natira sa pandoras box ay hope!

nilink ko nga pala to sa blog ko.

Peter Paul said...

Thanks MartinTC. ;)

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