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Art Bell

Tuesday, February 2, 2010


This was not the first time I read this post. And I remember feeling really bad about it. Then I saw it again earlier this afternoon posted in FB.

It was easy getting upset about an article written as a direct attack to the reputation that Filipinos worked very hard for.

So I took the liberty to search Google for this "Art Bell" character who I absolutely knew nothing about. Except for the initial impression that he thoroughly despised the Filipino as a race.

Google returned my queries with pictures of a matured man married to a young Filipina which aroused my curiosity even more.

A foreigner married a woman from a race that he hates?

Wheels in my head started to spin from excitement of an unfolding mystery.

From Wikipedia:
"Arthur W. "Art" Bell, III (born June 17, 1945) is an American broadcaster author, known primarily as one of the founders and original host of the paranormal-themed radio program Coast to Coast AM.

He also created and formerly hosted its companion show, Dreamland. Semi-retired from Coast to Coast AM since 2003, he hosted the show many weekends for the following four years. He announced his retirement from weekend hosting on July 1, 2007, but occasionally "guest hosts." He attributed the reason for this latest retirement to a desire to spend time with his wife and new daughter, born May 30, 2007. He added that unlike his previous "retirements," this one will stand, while leaving open the option to return. Classic Bell-hosted episodes of Coast to Coast AMcan be heard in some markets on Saturday nights under the name Somewhere in Time.
Bell founded and was the original owner of Pahrump, Nevada-based radio station, KNYE 95.1 FM. His broadcast studio and transmitter were located at his home in Pahrump while he hosted Coast to Coast AM except from June to December 2006, at which time he lived in the Philippines."
I read further and realized his previous wife was also half-Filipina. It was easy to think he might have written that letter out from outburst from a dispute he might have had with his wife.

I probed further and stumbled across this relatively old blog entry entitled, "Art Bell’s Alleged Hate Letter to the Filipino People." (Click here for the full blog entry)

This was the letter allegedly written by "Art Bell" that circulated the net circa 1996:
“As we’ve all come to notice, in the past few decades, Filipinos have begun to infest the United States like some sort of disease. Their extensive involvement in the U.S. Armed Forces is proof of the trashy kind of qualities all Filipinos tend to exhibit on a regular basis. You can see this clearly by studying the attitudes and cultural Icons of most Filipino Americans.
Are they really Asian? Well we’ve come to accept the fact the Filipinos come from a part of the world known as South East Asia. But the term “Asia” is used in the wrong way. You may notice that contemporary Filipino Americans try very hard to associate themselves with groups that we know as Asian. I cannot count the number of times I have seen a ‘ Third World ‘ Filipino try to connect themselves to the Chinese or Japanese people. There is no connection and here’s why. The Philippines is a Third World country. Nothing respectable has EVER been created by Filipino people during our entire human history. Young Filipino men in America have become obsessed with “import racing”. They have an enormously perverted affection for Japanese cars. It’s a common phenomenon. In their minds, these Filipinos somehow believe that they are Asian and that it somehow connects them to Japanese people and Japanese cars. They often take credit for the ingenuity of Japanese people and say how it’s an “Asian thing”. This term…”Asian thing” derived directly from African American slang “black thang.” “It’s a black thang.” “It’s an Asian thang.”
You can see the connection. It’s even funnier that, in Japan, Filipinos are heavily discriminated against. The only Filipinos that can live successfully in Japan are the Filipino prostitutes. But that’s the case for most Filipino people no matter where they live in the world. Now we’ve come down to this fact…and it is a fact.
Nothing in Filipino Culture can be seen as Asian. They have no architectural, artistic, or cultural influence which is in any way, Asian. Thinking of the great countries in Asia such as Japan , Korea , and China there is no way you can possibly connect the Philippine Islands. This assault by Filipino Americans to connect themselves with the great peoples of North East Asia is foul and disgusting. Try visiting a young Filipino’s web site too.
You’ll see something called the “Asian IRC Ring”. It has to do with the chat rooms. The most horrible thing about this is that these TRASHY people are trying to associate themselves with Asia again!! People in Asia don’t act like this at all. What we are seeing here is the natural Filipino in its element with full access to technology and this is how they act! You will consistently see this behavior over and over again.
Another interesting thing is that these “third world” people also frequent RC chat rooms such as Chinese, Japan and Asian. They must believe that they are somehow related racially or culturally to North Asians. But it’s completely WRONG! There might have been some distant contact With China and even less with Japan during World War II, but these people are actually more closely related to African Americans and Mexican Americans.
Do the parents of these young Filipinos know what’s going on? Would they accept this? I believe that they would and do. This is the natural “Trash” element in Filipinos manifesting itself. Nothing good has ever come from Philippines and I don’t believe anything good ever will.
Recognizing your Roots (A Message to Filipinos). To all Filipino people: Please recognize your ROOTS! You come from the Third World ! You country is a disgusting and filthy place. Most people there live in poverty! Your culture has MUCH MORE SPANISH influence than Chinese, and absolutely no JAPANESE influence whatsoever. People in Japan and China , d o not act like you. They do not constantly talk about sex and they have a MUCH HIGHER level of RESPECT for each other. There is NO WAY that you can connect yourself to Asia other than location.
Your culture and technological advancement does no! t even come CLOSE to What Chinese, people have done in the past and what Japanese and Korean people are doing now! Everything you do is distinctly Filipino. You cannot take credit for Japanese cars, video games, or Hentai! It’s not an “Asian thing” it’s an “American thing”. You have no concept of culture…no concept of Asian ideas or Asian philosophy! Can you demonstrate how you use Confucianism or Taoism in you everyday life?? You can’t. And you will NEVER be able to.
I understand that you are trying to create an identity for yourselves as young people… but it is NOT related to Asia. Your Identity is Filipino.
That’s all you are. Just Filipino. Think about what that means."
Subsequently reading that blog along side this Wikipedia article:
"Relocation to the Philippines
At the same time, Bell announced he would be leaving his longtime homestead in Nevada and relocating to the Philippines, near Makati, Metro Manila, intending to continue hosting Coast to Coast AMweekend editions via an ISDN connection. He departed the United States on April 29, 2006, stating an intention to remain abroad for at least a year, while maintaining ownership of his property in Nevada and of the radio station KNYE. Bell resumed hosting on June 18, 2006 but then encountered technical problems that kept him off air until July 23, 2006, when the ISDN line was finally installed.
In July 2001, the Philippine Daily Inquirer printed an email letter purportedly from Bell that made derogatory statements about Filipinos. This letter was subsequently demonstrated to be a hoax perpetrated upon Bell, who in fact had a publicly loving relationship with his Filipina wife and his previous wife Ramona, who was also Filipina, and who often spoke openly about his admiration for the Filipino people on his radio show. Subsequently, the Philippine Daily Inquirer printed a retraction and apologized for printing the statement upon their verification of the hoax. This slander against Bell's good name still periodically results in serious threats to him when this material surfaces from time to time.

On February 19, 2009 the Manila Times apologized and retracted when a columnist mistakenly reprinted the hoax two days before; one email the paper received attributed the original slander to a Filipino-American student at San Jose State University during the 1990s.
In October 2006, Bell threatened Rogers Cadenhead with a lawsuit for some allegedly libelous comments posted on Cadenhead's blog, which Cadenhead has said he will defend himself against under Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act."
This was supported by Mr. Art Bell's letter defending himself:
"An Open Letter to My Listeners
July 1, 2001
Another event in the seemingly never ending strange series of events in my life occurred, which will prevent me from being on the air this week. A horrible Racist article which has been on the Internet for almost three years, despite all our best efforts, has just been published by the Philippine Daily Inquirer (The largest circulation Newspaper in that country). This has resulted in hundreds of e-mails and death threats to me and my family. Even the slightest effort on their part, would have resulted in the truth before rushing to publish. The article appeared in the Entertainment section of the Sunday edition (July 1, 2001).
As many of you I hope are aware, I DID NOT WRITE this trash and never would, in fact my wife is half Filipino. It was originally sent from a computer located at U.C.S.D. in southern California. They have sent a apology which has been posted on this website (see below) for almost three years. Over that period of time EVERY inquiry has been answered by myself, my Webmaster and the Network."
We are presently taking all legal steps possible, however in the meantime there is a very real physical danger to my family and myself. This will require my full time attention for the moment. The Newspaper (as of this writing) still, has NOT published a Retraction, even though they have been served with a Demand Letter to do so.
The newspaper’s e-mail addresses are feedback@inq7.net, jvaruta@inquirer.com.ph, readersadvocate@inquirer.com.ph, should you care to help, by urging them to promptly retract this dangerous, reckless, thoughtless article. See you soon.
Art Ramona Bell
(Click here for the full article including this open letter)

I was personally outraged and disgusted by the blatant defamatory attack of whoever wrote the letter. But in fairness to Mr. Art Bell, please do not just believe everything you read. Verify if you have to. And do not propagate potentially damaging articles without support from reliable sources.

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Dhon said...

Well... if the letter is true.. if we are such a filthy race, why is that the american company outsourcing here and not to japan, china? one thing we are more literate than them. In fact we are more conscious about grammar and often times more grammatically correct than the americans :)

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