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Tonight, the Moon Showed Me...

Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Out of a random spontaneity, I had the urge to walk out of the house at 12 midnight just to feel the cold December dawn. Have you ever gazed up at the vast night sky long enough to wonder about the magnificent mystery that wraps around the face on the moon? It's bizzare.

Looking up, it felt desolate out there. But knowing there's far greater things beyond the universe, hardly made me feel alone despite the stillness of the night.

Looking up I realized, there's far worse things than the feeling of loneliness. There's a sense of unworthiness, or emptiness, helplessness. And all that sort of went inside me as I breathe in the midnight air. It's overwhelmingly sad.

That's why people always want to be around family specially during this time of the year. Tonight, the moon showed me how it's easy to feel alone, but so much easier to feel insignificant in contrast to it's vast magnificence. You'd think you'd get used to anything. But how do you ever get used to the feeling of emptiness.

You look hard enough, there's more than one face on the moon. You'll see smiling faces of your sisters, your brother, your mom, your whole family. Just watching down on you trying to light your way to make sure you're where you need to be going.

But it's a lonely road.

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Anonymous said...


gelovsky said...

Wow! a great post ^_^ I don't know, but I had been empty for so long, and I could say, I get used to it. Sometimes, we find our ourselves from desolation. We realize the things that we want to do in our life. That was my life before ^_^ It's the worst feeling ever, but I learned lots of things about myself, and gain emotional stability I guess haha!

Peter Paul said...

@gelovsky: Thanks! I appreciate it.. =)

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