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Indigay sa Parol 2009 (Lantern Contest 2009)

Sunday, December 6, 2009


I was thrilled! Most specially because I didn't get to see any lanterns over at Xavier Days '09.

I did not expect it at all, 'coz I had no idea. I was at Limketkai to get a haircut and on my way to the barbershop, right in the heart of the mall was, "Halad sa Pasko 2009 - Indigay sa Parol" (Offering for Christmas 2009 - Lantern Contest). This year, the contest is about using junk or indigenous materials in creating the lanterns.

It didn't take too much time for me to grab my Nokia 6600 camera phone and take shots of the wonderfully colored lanterns. However, a high-definition camera would have to be used to capture the intricate details.

This is a shot of the contest proper. The city mayor himself, honorable Tinnex Jaraula was around to grace the event.

This is a shot I took from the center of the mall's balcony. There's quite a number of people looking around, amazed.

As you can see, the lanterns are tailored around in a square where the judges can view each one individually. The venue of the contest was in the center oval of the mall. Although this is not a very good angle to take a shot from, I just wanted to get a good view from the top.

There were around 25 entries and I took a few shots of those I liked. Here are some of my favorites.

This one is made mostly out of "Jollibee" plastic cups and cellophanes. The cups were tailored around in a circle with a big star in the middle.

This one made use of a lot of colored cellophanes. Inside the odd, pod-like shaped structure, is a Belen. On the top right side is a pink star. The ornaments at the bottom part of this lantern, are plastic cups cut to look like flowers, and they placed lights in the middle of each plastic cup.

The thin lines you see around the star are those twigs you get from the center of coconut leaves. The rest of the design is sprinkled with dried rice stalks.

This one is shaped like a candle. The ornaments around it are plastic cups cut to look like flowers and the insides are dried leaves.

This, right here, is the big winner. The materials used here, are used straws and plastic cups. The star is made out from pink straws, green straws for what looks like leaves in the middle, and finally yellow straws for the star in the center.

This one depicts the Star of David shining down on a Belen. Cut-out plastics were used as materials for this.

This one used dried leaves.

Dried leaves as well. There's a Belen in the center of it.

This one too.

This very ornate, oddly shaped lantern made use of a lot of red cellopanes. The leaves-like structures at the bottom have cut-out foils in them.

This ornate Star of David made use of green and blue cellophanes and cut out plastic cups.

This church-like structure is made of 100% pure styro.


These are made out of plastic bottles. It is shaped like the hands of God protecting earth.

This is the front view. There is a Belen in the middle.

These were made from dried leaves.

This is a personal favorite. It's a star within 5 bells formed into one big star. This made use of recyled paper dyed yellow. And the green ornaments you see around it are cellophanes shaped into small flowers. Used wires along the sides pulled off that nice finishing touch. This is my personal winner.

These were made from dried rice stalks.

These are the winners. From left to right, 2nd, 1st, 3rd.

This made use of used disks(DVDs), shaped simply circular. I don't understand how it made 2nd place.

This is the 3rd placer. Made out of cellophanes. There is a Belen in the middle. It's shape is odd enough to look like a vertical rectangular bell. There is a funny looking star to its right and an even funnier looking star to it's left.

After the winners had been named, they were pulled out and show-cased onto the stage for everyone to see.

I wanted the star-shaped yellow bells to win, or at least second, but oh well.

For sure people had their own bets of the entries they wanted to win. But in the grand scheme of things, all these deserved to win, just by the hardwork, patience and creativity the makers put into creating their magnificent work of art.

The mere fact that their love for the Christmas season enabled them to mold and create such beautiful work of artistry, made them winners in their hearts.

Happy holidays! =)

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Anonymous said...

I just want to clarify that the entry who won the second prize has the most intricate details of materials and design (which u failed to check). There are many materials used apart from the discs like Coke cans (weaved to form poinsetia, the circular base is not just ordinary, it is an old bicycle wheel, plastic bottles were cut and designed to look like stained glass and others. The criteria and guidelines asked for recycled materials and not indigenous in which most entries failed to follow including the size measurement. Most artists truly appreciate the said entry and it is a deserving winner.

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