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My Movie Review: AVATAR

Sunday, December 20, 2009




Director/Writer: James Cameron

Actors: Sam Worthington, Zoe Saldana, Sigourney Weaver, Stephen Lang, Michelle Rodriguez, Giovanni Ribisi, Joel Moore

James Cameron placed this story on a moon called Pandora, inhabited by a primitive race known as the Na’vi. They are physically superior to humans, almost twice in size having sharper features. They have blue bodies with white fluorescent marks on their faces. And they have tails.

Their peaceful existence is challenged with American troops entering their world to gain hold of precious minerals worth billions hidden beneath their land. The Na’vis fight for their land, people, pride and existence.

The Americans send one of their men (Sam Worthington) to Pandora. Turning him into a Na’vi to penetrate and understand the ways of the natives and talk them into relocating so the Americans can take over the land.

Once on the inside however, his loyalties to the humans start to turn when his heart gets lost to the Na'vi culture, and the princess Neytiri. "Which side is he going to fight for?" is the big twist in the movie.

“Avatar” is an admirable effort because of these three main ideas that James Cameron combined and portrayed in the film; first, to have respect for other culture and traditions, lands and natural resources, second, to hold on to the hope and faith that good will triumph no matter what, and third, to believe that you can find friendship and love even in the most unexpected place and time.

If we're going to talk about special effects, all there is to say about that is, nobody directs like James Cameron. Instead of just shoving special effects in your face, he weaves them into the story beautifully, and they come off magnificently effortless. Ten years in the making, and every minute is worth it. Avatar has a great future ahead and, possibly another Oscar for the mighty James Cameron.

To both the actors' and director’s credit, the performances came through extremely well. It’s amazing how much of the actors' emotions you can see through their Avatar characters. Zoe Saldana gave an astoundingly emotional and strong performance, and you never even see her real face.

You'll laugh, smile, fall in love, cheer, get angry, maybe shed a tear or two, and simply be amazed of this 3-dimensional exceptional experience.

To sum up my review, “Avatar” is not a film to be seen and just talked about. It is one to be felt and experienced. Let your senses take over and be amazed of every thrill of every second of the film.

RATING: 4/5 stars

2 comment/s:

David said...

The movie was great! 2 thumbs up for that. I really wonder how they made that. The idea of living two lives at the same time is cool: a life of a Na'vi and Man. =P

Peter Paul said...


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