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Fun Night

Wednesday, December 2, 2009


My throat is sore. But I thoroughly enjoyed my dinner date with Chai2x. I'm envious of her Iligan experience with Sir Rey, Glen and Sharon.

She put on some pounds. Obviously, they've been pampered... too much. Haha..

She was working yet it seemed like she was on vacation, while I was in Manila, supposedly vacationing but was stressed out! Lol.

She'll continue training at the center tomorrow and I know she's excited about something, 'gettting to know each other' Lol Chai! That was funny.

Amidst crisis and confusion, it's always good to have friends to hang out with, talk about senseless things and just 'relax', not let life pull you down. Friends are who make life less critical. Treasure the friends who love and truly care for you, and forget about the crocodiles and let them eat each other alive.

Thanks for a wonderful evening Chai! =)

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