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Tuesday, December 1, 2009


Today at work, was full of surprises. Some pleasant, but mostly sad. I have the tendency to be forgetful so instead of starting from what happened this morning, I'll start from what happened latest and go backwards.

Glendale treated me out to a nice dinner date tonight. Sisig at Butcher's is still the best for me. We ordered that, so I enjoyed tremendously. Yet Glen hardly touched her food. She was upset about her failed relationship. Apparently, her boyfriend and her, had decided to end things up, for the mean time.

She's had started to work full time as an English teacher, along with Sharon. Needless to say, I'm missing them both now that they're not working with the center anymore. But it was good to see them both visiting in the late afternoon.

And then I saw an unfamiliar face. And he was seated at my table! I didn't want to ask immediately and appear like suspicious Bob, but after awhile of "catching up" conversation with Francis and Ma'am Maci, I casually asked Ma'am Maci who he was.

Apparently, the center has a new account and he's the new supervisor. I didn't mind that. But after he left, when I opened the drawers of my table, it was just a complete mess. There were candy wrappers, used cottons, papers, and empty chewing gum containers. I had to take those out. It made a bad start of my return, bad start of the week and bad start of the day!

Then right before I started working, just after all the night shiftees left, I looked around. Ma'am Hope wasn't there. I'm not sure why she didn't report today. Ma'am Shing wasn't there either.

Except for Ronald sweeping the floor, it was just me. And my dusty table. I could not believe, how much things changed in the one month that I wasn't around.

The operations floor looked longer and wider than it used to. And the lights seemed dim. And I only hear the barren sound of the aircondition behind me. Ma'am Cuki's "sayaw-sayaw" songs weren't there to break the silence.

There was no Sharon dancing and singing around, nor Glendale laughing, no jokes from Sir Rey, no petty annoyances from Chai2x.

I didn't think all these mattered when they were still there. But today, I realized, these are the people who made work fun and worthwhile for me. And I miss them. I was sad. And for a brief moment, I hoped for just a while, for things to go back to how they were.

I was sad. I wasn't prepared for that. It was unexpected.

But the work goes on. And so does life.

This life takes away everything from you whenever it has the chance. You realize it too late. That is why we have to make each day as important as our last. Coz we never know when the last days are going to be.

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