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Appa's Crib

Tuesday, September 6, 2011



Appa has the kennel or canine cough for a week now. But I'm happy to notice he's not coughing and huffing as much anymore. It's disturbing to hear him wheeze, choke and cough but it's subsiding now and I'm glad. He's been restless lately, both I guess from not getting any exercise and how uncomfortable must he be being sick for the first time. I did not want to take him walking in the park while he's still sick.

I've been giving him more milk than usual and also adding some fruits in his regular meals and that seems to be working. I've also been giving him some chicken soup I make for myself every night these past cold nights. And so I think that's helping as well. He's playing with his toys again and is no longer lethargic, that's a good thing.

At almost 4 months, his weight is at 12 kilos and that kind of worries me. His crate, if you look at the picture measures 3.5ft. x 2.5ft. and now it looks ridiculously small with him in it. He's been able to jump over it a couple of times when I left the top door open. It's hard to imagine how he'll fit in there in the next few months. I'm worried about getting a bigger crate, bigger one means more difficult to clean and move around, not to mention outrageously expensive. I can fence him in for a bigger room but that's going to be outside of the house which is where I do not want to place him. I want him clean inside the house.

This video below is one I made three weeks ago, and the picture above is one I just took earlier. Compare his size!

He's just being silly and wanting to come out and play. =)

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