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Intergallactic Neighbors

Thursday, September 15, 2011


UFO seen in China.

Stuff about the universe always fascinates me since I was a kid. That's why whenever there are stories about UFOs and extra terrestrial beings, I'm all ears (and eyes for that matter) on them. There are many natural phenomena such as the aurora borealis that breaks the sky into ghastly but magnificent spirit-like multitude of moving colors, and perhaps some of those associated with alleged UFO sightings are in fact just one of those phenomena.

But there's no denying some of what you'll see in the video I embedded, this one's the most recent I think. Hoax or not, I believe how the earth is just a very tiny spec of the infinite vastness of the universe. What an awful waste of space if we were the only beings living in it. The only reservation I have is, do they have good or bad intentions coming into our world? But like we live our lives, we can't always look at the glass half full, right?

I'd like to hope they're visiting with friendly intentions. Whenever they're ready, I hope I'll live through that day to see intergallactic neighbors communicating to say, "Hi!"

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